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WPSF (FM) at 91.5 MHz is on the air and available to listeners in portions of Palm Beach County. The music and programming aired on 91.5, WPSF, will target listeners between the ages of 13 and 25.

The Mission Statement is to specifically encourage the Young Adult community of South Florida to seek a personal, dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ through the influence of culturally relevant music which portrays the grace and truth of the gospel message and applies Biblical principles to all areas of life; and to provide a positive alternative to the current broadcasting media by airing Christian music that addresses the hard-hitting concerns young people face today.

To reach these goals, the station will be affiliated with Call FM who operate WMKL from Key Largo, FL. While some of the programming will be similar, WPSF will reach out to local groups, organizations and musicians providing them with an outlet for the music on the station.

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